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OBX4Sale Blog

10 Jun '16

Tips to Buying Your Outer Banks Dream Home

When it comes to the beach, the only thing better than vacationing on the Outer Banks is actually LIVING here! When you finally decide to make your dream a reality and plan to purchase your own Outer Banks dream home, put your faith in OBX4Sale and I’ll put my experie

10 Jun '16

Gaining the Upper Hand in a Buyers Market

There is no doubt that the Outer Banks Real Estate Market is in recovery mode. However, with the large inventory available it is still a strong Buyer's Market. So how does a Seller gain the upper hand when deciding to list their property for sale? The answer is simpl

10 Jun '16

Welcome to My Blog

I justed wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with Peace!

15 Apr '16

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