Overwhelmed by the Waves: The St. Rita’s Last Stand

Welcome back to our shipwreck series! In this episode, we delve into the poignant and tragic story of the St. Rita, a vessel whose journey ended in disaster. This episode highlights the perilous nature of maritime voyages and the relentless power of the sea. Join us as we explore the events leading up to the sinking of the St. Rita and the heroic efforts made to save her crew.

The Sinking of St. Rita (1932)

The story of the St. Rita begins with a sense of purpose and determination. Commanded by Captain Frank Favaloro, the trawler set sail from Gloucester, Massachusetts, with a crew ready to face the challenges of the sea. The crew members, Gerald Rioux, Gasper Lucido, Domnere Parise, Jack Bincer, Salvatore Conte, Tony Aloe, and Joseph Barcelona, were part of a fleet tasked with fishing for scup along the Virginia coast. Their mission was clear, and they planned to return to Gloucester by April 1.

Four weeks into their journey, the crew of the St. Rita encountered heavy seas that turned their voyage into a battle for survival. Near the Paul Gamiel Hill Coast Guard station in Southern Shores, the vessel struggled against the relentless force of the ocean. Despite their best efforts, the violent waves proved too powerful, and the St. Rita went aground. The ship began to break apart under the unyielding pressure of the sea.

The Coast Guard cutter Pontchartrain was dispatched in a desperate attempt to save the trawler and its crew. The Coast Guard’s swift response and courageous efforts were commendable, but the harsh conditions and powerful waves were insurmountable. The St. Rita ultimately succumbed to the sea’s fury, marking a tragic end to its journey.

The story of the St. Rita is a somber reminder of the dangers faced by those who brave the ocean. It highlights the unpredictable and often merciless nature of the sea, as well as the bravery of the sailors and rescue teams who risk their lives in the face of such adversity.

Their story is a testament to the courage and resilience of those who navigate the world’s oceans. Join us next time as we continue to uncover more shipwrecks and the stories behind them.

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