Tips to Buying Your Outer Banks Dream Home

When it comes to the beach, the only thing better than vacationing on the Outer Banks is actually LIVING here! When you finally decide to make your dream a reality and plan to purchase your own Outer Banks dream home, put your faith in OBX4Sale and I’ll put my experience and passion into finding the perfect home for you. In the meantime, here are a few tips to prepare yourself to take the walk down the exciting path to home ownership on the Outer Banks!
Step 1: Choose a Location

Once you’ve decided to finally call the Outer Banks HOME, it’s time to choose where you want to start looking, if you haven’t fallen in love with a particular area already. Are you interested in buying a soundfront home, do you hope to wake up in a beachfront property, or is something in the middle of the island more to your liking? The unique thing about these beautiful barrier islands is that you have the option of all three. From Corolla, Duck and Southern Shores, all the way through Nags Head and south to Rodanthe and Hatteras Island, the choice is YOURS!
Step 2: Do Some Research

Ok, so you might know all there is to know about visiting the Outer Banks since you’ve been doing it as long as you can remember, but is there anything about living like a local that you want to look into before you make the move? Give me a call if you have any specific questions, or start checking out local Facebook pages and forums, HOA community guidelines, proximity to schools, hospitals etc. depending upon what you and your family’s needs are. Checking out some of the area’s print publications and their respective websites will also help to give you a better idea what the day to day life is like in a particular area, and what the difference is from one town to the next to help you better align your interests and living style with your new community.
Step 3: To Rent or Not to Rent?

Outer Banks real estate offers homeowners the unique opportunity to live full time or part time on the OBX, depending on their needs and wants. If you’re a regular vacationer who is looking to finally settle down year-round in your favorite vacation destination, we have just the house for you! And if you’re looking for an investment opportunity to purchase a second home to rent out for a few months out of the year, or one you hope to retire to in a few years, we have just the right one for you, TOO! Knowing what your plan is for your home in the beginning of the process will give your Realtor an idea of your financial forecast upfront and help to narrow the focus of your home search to find exactly what you need!
Step 4: Contact a LOCAL Agent

No one knows the different towns, neighborhoods, requirements, restrictions, and benefits of the areas that make up the OBX like a local Outer Banks real estate agent! You can search the internet high and low, but you can’t compare to personal interaction when it comes to making one of the most important decisions you can make…purchasing your dream home. So give me call at (252) 202-2156 , request to receive Outer Banks listings by email, or visit my website, and let’s make your dream a reality!

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