Which OBX Town is Right for You Part 2

You’ve daydreamed of hearing the sound of ocean waves through open windows, inhaling salty air, walking with sandy feet, and your family’s sunny smiles after a day on the beach. Now you’re ready to make a move and start researching how to live your dream! When searching for Outer Banks homes for sale, it’s important to know which town has the qualities that best fit your and your family’s needs. Each town is has its own unique charms, community, and lifestyle. In Which Outer Banks Town Is Right For Me, Part 1 we explored our northern OBX towns full of abundant natural beauty, Corova-Kitty Hawk. Here we will tour our relaxed and happy Middle & Southern Towns!
1. Kill Devil Hills

Kill Devil Hills, or ‘KDH’ as it’s affectionately referred to by its many year-round locals, is the “downtown” of the Outer Banks. Brimming with vacation homes and hotels on the ocean side, and neighborhoods full of happy local families on the sound side, this town’s central location and multitude of accessible amenities make it an ideal choice to begin living the beach life. KDH boasts grocery stores, all types of shopping, numerous restaurants, lively nightlife and live music, with a multitude of community activities and amenities such as a library, senior center, little league and children’s soccer, to name a few. There’s even an adult soft ball league, too!

The proximity to the Outer Banks hospital, matched with a caring community and the ability for children to go to school in either Kitty Hawk or Manteo, Kill Devil Hills is a centrally-located, bustling beach town that truly has it all. Locals spend free time together, relaxing on the beach, surfing, roasting oysters, fishing, enjoying each other’s company and taking care of each other when one of their own is in need…fundraisers to support one another are common in this town, and across the Outer Banks as a whole. Kill Devil Hills real estate is ideal for anyone wanting to build a community-centered, active beach life.
2. Nags Head

This historic town brings to mind images of generations of sandy, salty, joyful family beach vacations. Much of Nags Head is residential, making this Outer Banks real estate ideal for anyone wanting to invest in a beach vacation home. Traditional, classic, family-based beach life characterizes this accessible community bursting with activities and convenient shopping for locals and tourists alike. Nags Head maintains a beautiful balance of easygoing beach life based on tradition, and dynamic modern growth, with retail shops being a main source of income in addition to restaurants and the service industry.

There is something for everyone here, including the Outer Banks hospital and many community amenities, such as multiple churches and medical and health centers. A home in Nags Head offers a dreamy beach life, with neighbors of multi-generational families, business owners, and professionals dedicated to the preservation and support of the communities of the Outer Banks.
3. Manteo

Charming, quaint, close-knit, and historic are a few of the best words to describe this delightful town full of adorable cedar-shake cottages and flower-covered front porches. One of the oldest communities in the country, Manteo is like stepping back in time. There are many activities steeped in history as is the town’s vibrant restaurant, boutique shop, and art gallery-lined waterfront. Owning a home here means that your neighbors will mostly be made up of island natives whose families extend back multiple generations; folks who grew up in Manteo, moved away and have returned home to build their home; retirees; business owners; artists; and artisans.

Manteo is close to the hospital in Nags Head, has outstanding public schools, and a thriving art and small business community. This ancestral town is also synonymous with pedestrians and boating, as locals and tourists alike will spend much of their time happily strolling along its charming streets and lively waterfront, and boating around its expansive waterways.
4. Rodanthe

This salty seaside town is representative of the native, quintessential Outer Banks. Rodanthe real estate is nearly all waterfront, or close to it, on this tiny sliver of sand. True island living, residents live connected with nature, weather, storms, and the tide. Popular activities of birding, fishing, surfing, and windsurfing here are some of the best on the east coast, and the main livelihood is based on fishing, tourism, and the service industry.

As with every OBX town, this is a very close community where everyone knows everyone, and creativity in art and artisanal skill abounds. Located roughly an hour from the nearest hospital, Rodanthe offers residents the opportunity to get lost…in a good way! You will have a serenely peaceful beach all to yourself in the winter, and be surrounded by energetic tourists in the summer. Self-sufficiency, preparedness, and a relaxed, come-what-may, community minded attitude are hallmarks of anyone owning a year-round or vacation home in Rodanthe.
5. Hatteras

Close to nature, laid back, slow paced, with a love of outdoor activities such as windsurfing, surfing, diving, and paddleboarding, are characteristics shared by people who live in this southern Outer Banks town. Life here is relaxed and revolves around the water and the weather. This sleepy beach town has grocery stores, unique and abundant shopping opportunities, and multiple restaurants and outdoor activities to boot.

Hatteras real estate means owning a piece of a close-knit community, living with nature, mingling with wildlife, dancing with unpredictable weather, and enjoying an economy based on seasonal tourism, small business ownership, and the service industry. Your neighbors will be multi-generational locals, families, and retirees who have all opted for a quiet, easygoing, ocean and community-centered way of life.

So if you’re looking to own a piece of OBX real estate, choosing the town that is the right fit for you is the best place to start! Give me a call at 252-255-4318 today, or email me at obxrealtor@embarqmail.com to get you started in the right direction and help you to take control of your Outer Banks home buying process! I look forward to helping your find your OBX dream home!

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